Webtoons month

This one’s for the love of webtoons!

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I just got this idea after I read something about us. Why don’t I take a break from manga. I mean I’ve been reading a lot of mangas lately so I thought how about I do something different and I arrived at this idea. Reading only webtoons for a month. Well I’ve already finished something about us, why I don’t raed some more.

Here are some of the webtoons I’m going to be reading this month:

Cheese in the trap


Seol Hong is a hard-working student, who has returned to college after a long break. Jung Yu is a senior at the college known as Mr. Perfect. Seol feels like her life took a turn for the worse since she got involved with Jung. Is Jung intentionally turning Seol’s life?

OMG this webtoon has four seasons, I don’t think I’ll be able to finish all four seasons but I’ll…

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How long has it been!?

Its been really longggggg since i wrote something in here, i think more than a year?

Anyway dont worry folks i got you covered. LOL

I just wanted to say that I’m back hopefully XD, and will be posting more often, you know because overthinkin has been killing me lately so will be putting down my thoughts here.

Also I was on a break during this Global Lockdown, because i was so sick of all the sociallizing just wanted to go hibernate -O-

Anyways I’m back!!! I’ll be writing everything I’ve been doing during my hibernation.

P.S: this blog is only place where i openly rant about my thoughts because I know nobody reads them. LOL

Just Kidding, I know i have recently got some loyal readers so i’ll continue writing for them, LOve you all!!! Thank you so much for your support!

Wae naluel?

Why me?
Why me? Why me every fuckin time?

Why do I have to get through the bad side of everything?
Why do I have to go through all the bad times?
Why am I the only one to suffer? Every fuckin time?

There was a voice that its said-
괜찮아… Its okay… You’ll be fine…
Maybe it wasn’t meant for you 🙂

Just hang in there!

Something better is right one the way!


Running through a rough time, with no light and hope for getting out of this rage.

Getting rash wasn’t an option because eventually the one to get hurt was me. Emotionally and physically.

I chose to go boldo with Spotify music!


And boom I was back to normal. Rage subsided and cheerio!


Besan ladoo got interesting

Besan ladoo : an Indian sweet made of gram flour and clarified butter

Besan ladoo

I picked up that last piece of besan ladoo which was literally screaming out my name and tempting me.
I didn’t wait for another moment, got the last piece!
Took a nibble of it to enjoy every last bit of it; it was just fine as it should be.
The next was a bite like almost half of the piece, as I was smashing the bite of besan ladoo with my tongue to the top of my mouth I could feel the sugar crystals in it and it got more interesting. Crushing the sugar crystals it was as if I could taste every tiny bit of the sweetness and mushiness in it.
I couldn’t wait any longer for the rest of the besan ladoo, I eat the rest of the piece of sugar crystal goodness, with every sugar crystal that was perfectly blended with gram and butter.

A bliss of mushiness and sweet crystals!

How I got a new life

Okay I know right that it’s Quarantine and everyday is just the stupid same. But there’s something that I’ve been thinking for a while about one question that everyone has been asking-

Why did i move from Pune University to Mumbai, when i live in Lonavala?

Okay, honestly I just brushed off everyone saying- just like that and wanted to go to Mumbai University 😁 which is really not true.

Now for my Flashback you need to know my present. Right now I’m a second year student at Mumbai University, pursuing ENTC engineering.

Now I actually wanted to start over with my social life. Because my girls school did exactly give me a good social life or didn’t grab one. And Highschool was the same as most of my peers where from my previous school and looked at me like an anti-social nerd when I didn’t wanna be one.

So I thought it wouldn’t be wise to be with the same crowd; I need to change my tribe and step up my game.

And it actually worked I became more social and outgoing and got new buddies (my best buddies rn). But this was just the start like minute changes that happened.

So I decided to change my uni for college since the same uni would just get me to run into my old peers. (But I seriously missed my best buddies)

I wanted to start new! I wanted to be new where nobody knew me to start over.

And that’s my start over flashback ✨

My Quarantine longing

Damn boy!

I wanna go to Kerala so bad! Even though i know that its not the very right time to visit because of Coronavirus as we’re all Quarantined and nobody is allowed to step out of our save spaces, our homes.

I really long for that gentle breeze that kisses my face as I sit beside the Alleppey backwaters with my legs dipped in. Its a real authentic feel that you get when in Kerala ✨

Corridors of life

Life takes you through every corridor in your fetch, but these corridors also depend on your decisions in life.

One such corridor in my life is engineering. Although I’m going through a tough time with my academics because of my math issues but engineering has taught me to view life from another perspective, a perspective that I haven’t been familiar before.

Its just been two years that I’ve been doing engineering and another two year to go to get an official engineering diploma.

Two years back I never wanted to do engineering, but look at me I’m doing the same; and I still don’t wanna do this but somewhere in the corner of my heart I wanna continue doing engineering and complete the 4 years of graduation. Something’s tells me that academics ia no big deal and to keep on continuing whatever I’m doing.

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